29-31 Concept Store

It was all about the venue, that's what motivated us. The space was empty and available in a lovey neighborhood in Maadi. We instantly had the vision to create a new fashion destination. So we didn’t have the concept and then look for a space—we had the space, and how to fill it was very clear. We knew what Cairo was missing. There wasn’t one specific shop that influenced us—it was more a frustration about certain products that we couldn’t find in Cairo that motivated us. 29--31 was then born, summer 2015. Offering specially curated concept brands for both men and women. By Gamal Sakr (Owner) and his Partner Ahmed Makki.

- What makes a 29-31 item? (what makes you choose an item to resell?) And what is the criteria that you look for in the brands you display?

- We try to balance the products of the season with timeless pieces, young, new designers and major brands. We’ve carried young designers since our opening and it has always been natural for us to support and give space to show their talent. Fashion is very important, but we also considered that it was not only about fashion but many other things around it. we hope to surprise them with something they can’t resist buying.

What is the message that you always try to communicate via your merchandise?

We are always looking for unique fashion and less commercial brands. One of the brands we stock is Dom Rebel, a Canadian-born brand which creates hand-crafted t-shirts with unique designs. We always try to find the perfect balance between comfort and fashionable pieces. Also we limit our buying to a few pieces - usually one piece of each design.

-Who would you like to see in your boutique? (as in a public figure)

- Abla Fahita

-Do you wish to expand out of Egypt? if yes, where?

- We wouldn't say no to opening in other cities—it’s all about the location, but we prefer to keep it unique and fresh. We’ve loved the pop-up shop that we did at Hacienda Bay in Lakeyard last summer.

-What are some of your favourite national and international brands? why?

- Maksters shoes, and Cotton Citizen (Los Angeles-born) comfy sweats, because it's all about the cut and quality, basics which you can dress up or down. Also Eleven Paris because they innovate their collection every season and always have cool slogans and celebrity figures integrated into their designs.

-Future plans?

- We are looking into launching a new e-shop with more facilities, such as "shop from the comfort of your own bed". It’s been a great window for us to reach consumers across the country via social media. Now you can find everything online.

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