Astral Travels

The body is split into two parts: the physical body, which is the part you can see, and feel, and the astral body, which is your spiritual being. Astral travel (often called an out-the-body experience (OBE)) occurs when your astral body journeys to other realms. Some people can astral-travel at will.

In effect, an OBE is just your own essence, your own Etheric Energy, leaving the body. It feels natural and wonderful. Many people experience astral travel during sleep. They dream they are flying, floating or even falling. I have met many people who have told me stories of how they dreamt they were somewhere new, only at a later date to discover the exact place. Or they have visited someone during an OBE and seen what they were doing, only to later discover they were correct regarding specific details.

You may have heard stories of people leaving their body for a few moments when they have had a near-death experience during an accident, operation, or heart attack. During the shock, they have been forced out of their body very suddenly. Later, they describe seeing and hearing things they could not have seen or heard.

Carl, a client of mine, told me, “I was very ill in the hospital with pneumonia. At times I dreamt or thought I was dreaming that I was at home with my wife and children. I actually heard them talking about taking me on holiday to Florida when I got better. I heard my wife say that a colleague of hers had recently bought a villa to let out and she could get it at a good price. When I got better and told her, she was astounded. We are logical people and couldn’t get our heads around the fact that somehow I was there with them while my body was in a coma in hospital.”

Many doctors have admitted their patients have told them of events that have happened in other parts of the hospital that they simply could not have known about while they were desperately ill or even momentarily dead. Everyone who has told me about their experiences has said the experience was not vague but graphic and in great detail.

One of the first pioneers in this field was Robert Monroe, a radio broadcaster, who began to undergo out-of-body experiences several times a week spontaneously and without willing it. When he began his research in 1958, little was known about such things. He said, “It was not during sleep, so I couldn’t dismiss it as a simple dream. I had full conscious awareness of what was happening, which of course only made it worse. I assumed it was some sort of a hallucination caused by something dangerous—a brain tumour, or impending mental illness . . . or imminent death.”

Monroe fought to get back into his body time and time again but could never prevent it from happening. After seeking medical help, his doctor told him that various ancient societies, including Indian yogis, had beliefs about leaving their bodies. He amassed a wealth of information and began studying, exploring to find out everything he possibly could about this subject. Monroe began taking control of his travels. In time, he met other travellers on the astral plane. His ground-breaking book about his experiences is entitled Journeys Out of the Body.

Monroe came to the conclusion that we are “a vibrational pattern comprised of many interacting and resonating frequencies.” Today, the Monroe Institute carries on his research into human consciousness. Dr Sam Parnia has also carried out ground-breaking studies in this field and recounts some amazing stories in his book What Happens When We Die?

You may be interested to know that a study by Erika Bouguignon looked at 488 world societies and found that 437 had a belief in OBEs, from Hindus to native Americans; and these cultures’ experiences of OBEs are rife and incredibly similar.

But how does this connect to Cosmic Energy? It’s simple—the astral level is like a giant mirror reflecting reality back to us. Everything we do on a physical level affects the astral, and everything we do on the astral affects the physical. The thoughts you think travel out to the astral, which is how we manifest. Be careful what you think, say and do, and be careful what you ask for because you will get it thanks to the power of Cosmic Energy.

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