Bash Flower Remedies

Bach Flower remedies were developed by Dr Edward Bach, a successful Harley Street physician, bacteriologist and homeopath. He had a strong belief that much illness comes from the personality and gave up his lucrative doctor’s practice to develop his remedies.

During his research he discovered and classed 38 “negative states” and the corresponding plants to cure them—there are remedies for everything from anxiety, to impatience, or lack of confidence. The premise for his treatment is that a flower remedy can change a negative vibration into a positive vibration.

Bach Flower remedies help clear any negative vibrations that have been holding you back or blocking your path to wellbeing or achieving your full potential. Here is a small selection of some of the Bach Flower remedies and the conditions they can be used to treat.

Key Bach Flower Remedies and Their Benefits

  • Agrimony: Suitable for people who put a brave face on their problems or mask sadness with addictions. Creates a true inner happiness.
  • Centaury: good for weak-willed people who are bossed around and cannot say no. Creates a strong inner strength.
  • Cerato: Can be helpful for over-talkative individuals who drain the energy of others by attention-seeking. gives quiet confidence.
  • Chicory: Creates awareness of others and a more giving nature. Ideal to help possessive, selfish types who feel the world owes them a living change their way of thinking.
  • Clematis: Beneficial for sleepy daydreamers to become fully present and excited by all areas of their lives.
  • Gentian: promotes a feeling of focus, good for negative individuals who become discouraged by setbacks. It can help them keep going no matter how large the obstacle.
  • Impatiens: perfect for jumpy, impatient types who are never off duty as this creates a relaxed attitude to life and the influences around them.
  • Mimulus: Overcomes shyness and fear of known things such as public speaking, flying and spiders. Creates the courage to face fears and enjoy life.
  • Rock Rose: Brings great courage; good for when someone is terrified or in a state of panic.
  • Scleranthus: Balances out mood swings, unreliability, and indecisiveness. Brings calm and balance.
  • Vervain: good for anyone who is tense, highly strung, and sensitive. Creates a quiet strength in the face of difficulties.
  • Water violet: Creates a more flexible approach to people with rigid opinions and outlook, also softens attitudes and promotes a more sympathetic view of others.
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