CULT is an emerging Egyptian brand that is taking Cairo by storm.The creativity, individuality, and edge inherit in the merchandise makes MOSTAFA BAIBERS, the owner and founder, a soaring local name.

- In your opinion, what makes CULT unique?

- Cult is a platform it's not just a brand, it gives each and every woman a space to stand tall in her shoes; that is basically why it has a uniqueness and a flair of its' own.

- Why design and cater for women?

- The number one consumer worldwide *laughs* No seriously women are the number one customer to cater for; plus, I love the shape of heels.

- What inspired and informed your collections so far?

- The entire line/brand is built on/and derived from the Japanese fashion pop-culture, and how they are extremely experimental with their clothing and style.

- How and why you chose those who represent your brand ? (in social media pages).

- Honestly I chose my friends at first, it may have been thrown out as if there was a specific plan; but then my friends are the best out of 'em; aren't they? Putting jokes aside; each and every rep. is simply chosen for a reason and caters for spreading the word in specific surroundings and targeted consumer (disclosing business plans), haha.

- Your photography. Rumour has it that you only use your iPhone while shooting, and you take all the shots yourself. Is that true? If, yes, why?

- The only two images that I didn't take are the Jamila Awad official images and both are curtsy of Amina El Banna; an inspiring photographer to follow and styled by one of the best up-&-coming stylists/art-director; Ahmed Soroor; Apart from that, I took over the entire creative direction, I just have a specific image in my head; I guess only I can translate it from an imaginary picture to a real one spreading all over social media. Also coming from an advertising back-ground, it puts me in a place where I can't deny my incredible capabilities in marketing/pr/communications in general; that is why I wanted to do my thing and create what I know is best for the brand.

- Who would you like to see wearing your brand? Why?

- Haifa Wahbe, Haifa Wehbe; and Haifa Wehbe; she is such a muse, Haifa if you are reading this by any chance, please find my contacts with the editors.

- Who would you like to collaborate with in the market? Why ?

- I want to collaborate with a lot of young, fresh local designers, the market is free for us now, we have a chance at creating something different and the consumer became more aware of local brands and what they offer; I don't want to announce who exactly I would want to collaborate with; but there are already a couple of collaborations taking place at the moment to be announced soon.

- What is your advice for emerging brands like CULT?

- To be steady and have a plan.

- Where of you currently stock your collections?

- Maison69 in Zamalek; it is such a stunner and an amazing space.

- What are your dreams for CULT?

- Full-filling the capacity on a local/regional level, then going International.

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