Chakra Blocks And Abundance

Cosmic Energy needs to flow. Unfortunately, many people are their own worst enemies because they unknowingly block that flow. Every block can be found in your body. Your chakras spin smoothly when flowing well with Cosmic Energy (Cosmic Energy acts as a type of lubricant like oiling the chain on your bike). When you have blocks, your chakras will become slow and sluggish.

Blocks can come from difficult life conditions or childhood beliefs and experiences, from our fears, disappointments, and lack of confidence. By clearing any energy blocks within your chakras, you will not only be al-lowing wealth to flow your way, but you will also retain that wealth instead of living on a financial rollercoaster.

Our bodies reflect back to us our inner beliefs. Often, vital clues are hid-den in the charkas, and it’s important to explore these blocks because when you know what they are, you can clear them.

Unfortunately, sometimes these blocks are so ingrained within you, so entrenched, that they are hard to identify. But look within: the clues are there, and by studying the chakras you will discover where your financial blocks lie. In the following pages you will also learn how to use your Etheric Energy to clear away any debris, get your energy flowing—and reach your full potential.

If you are not receiving wealth, this will be reflected somewhere in your body. Luckily, I know exactly how to find the blocks and it’s easy to clear them away. Here’s how it works.

Check your Chakras

There are seven chakras in the body.

  • Crown
  • Brow
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Solar plexus
  • Sacral
  • Base

Each chakra relates to a different part of our lives.

  • The base chakra tells to how grounded or balanced we are.
  • The sacral chakra represents our sexuality.
  • The solar plexus chakra represents the seat of our emotions.
  • The heart chakra is the energy point that relates to love.
  • The throat chakra is related to how we express ourselves.
  • The brow chakra deals with intuition, study and thinking.
  • The crown chakra connects us to the universe, to Cosmic Energy, and to our higher selves. It brings wisdom.

There are a number of ways you can check your chakra points:

  • Ask or refer to a practitioner, or if you are one use the following:
  • Hold your dominant hand in front of each chakra and feel the tempera-ture change from point to point. A cold point is a sure sign this chakra needs work, while a warm, soft feeling shows this energy point is healthy.
  • Work with a Tibetan singing bowl. I find this a really good method. You can do this with a friend and check over each other or you can use it on yourself. Simply hold the Tibetan bowl in front of each chakra and as you tap the bowl, notice the clarity, speed, and tone of the ring. A dull tone is telling you that the point is also dull and sluggish. A clear, high tone tells you the chakra is run- ning true to form. A cheap-sounding noise, as if the bowl is made from something low quality, tells you this is an important point to clear.
  • Use a pendulum to dowse the chakras. Hold a pendulum in one hand over the chakra and note how it spins. If it spins clockwise, this indicates a healthy energy flow. Counterclockwise indicates an imbalance. Get together with a friend or two and try several of the methods and see which you prefer—or use all three to build a strong picture of what is happening with your energy points.

If while you are checking your chakras you pick up that any particular ones are dull or slow this is what it means:

  • Base chakra: If you find it hard to get motivated and get going, or hard to stay grounded, this point will be slow. Get this area moving and you will soon have your nose to the grindstone, making steady progress.
  • Sacral chakra: Often, people have a feeling of being disadvantaged in some way, such as their sex, religion, age or background, and so ex-pect to fail. Balancing this area brings the confidence to overcome such beliefs.
  • Solar plexus: This is the seat of emotion where our old beliefs from childhood and past lives reside. If you have been brought up to believe you are not meant to have money, or been given any negative beliefs, this area will need a boost. Balance in the solar plexus is so important. If you’re having problems with creating or retaining wealth, pay special attention to checking out this chakra. It governs emotions, so any ‘fear’ issues you have around money will be stored as blocked energy in this chakra. By clearing and boosting your energy and realigning this chakra, you will be able to step into the vibration of abundance. You will soon notice how opportunities come to you, how doors open and how you generally feel much more positive about your situation—all of which will enable you to move forward into a better space.
  • Heart chakra: This relates to how you feel about yourself. If you don’t believe you deserve abundance, this area will be slow. putting love into what you do, putting your heart and soul into your work and, ideally, making a living out of your hobby, will help to energise this area.
  • Throat chakra: This relates to how you express yourself and say what you need to say.
  • Brow chakra: This relates to the intellect, the need to be mentally stimulated. Boredom will block this area, plus you could over analyse and convince yourself that money and spirituality don’t mix.
  • Crown chakra: do something to make the world a better place. You are happiest in a job or career that allows you to express your spiritual beliefs in some way, however small. Think artist, writer, priest, healer or counsellor, for example. It is vital that this chakra is spinning beautifully. By allowing this energy point to spin you will find your higher purpose, you will attain abundance and make the world a better place. If this charka is blocked you simply will not be able to stick to an average, mundane job.
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