Coincidences And Cosmic Energy

As you find you connect with the universe, the Cosmic Energy, answers will come easily to you. There is also a little gift; coincidences are the universe’s way of telling us we are on the right track. We are in the flow, we are connected to Cosmic Energy.

I believe there are coincidences around us all the time to guide us. But when someone is not connected to the universal energy, and following their Life purpose, they don’t see them. You could almost trip over these signs but then complain you don’t get enough spiritual guidance.

I will share with you how a kinesiologist used muscle testing to discover I needed sulphur. When she told me this, my jaw dropped—I had just come back from a road trip across Louisiana, America. After several days on the road we had suddenly come to a halt on a dusty road in the middle of nowhere with traffic backing up for miles. Eventually a ranger came up to us and said, “Hey folks, you can either get off at the next town, travel down back roads, or sit here for two days. We have a serious chemical spill.”

It was dusk and not knowing the area or any other routes, we decided to take the next turnoff for the nearest town and find a motel for the night. The town we arrived in was called Sulphur, named because the soil there is rich in sulphur. We had nearly missed staying there, because when we asked someone on the street if there was a motel, she turned her back and ignored us. We promptly left town and headed for the next one—but got lost and ended up right back in Sulphur, which actually turned out to be a delightful little place.

Looking back I can see the universe was giving me a message—it had drawn me to the place that was rich in the very mineral I needed to dramatically improve my health. So when my kinesiologist, Isabelle, told me sulphur was what I needed, a light went on and I said, “Ah, so that is why we kept ending up there.”

Once you acknowledge and listen to coincidences and their messages you will find them happening more frequently. It’s like having the universe tap you on the shoulder when it wants to alert you to something. It’s the universe’s way of letting you know you are on the right track.

How does this link in with your Life purpose? When you are lost, coincidences, universal clues, or synchronicity as some people prefer to call them, will nudge you back to your soul purpose, your Life path. The key to coincidences is to notice when they are around—it shows you are in the flow and that the universe has an important message for you. notice when they are absent—maybe you are not on track.

Universal Clues

There are universal clues that tell us when we are on the right path and fulfilling our Life purpose. It is the strangest yet simplest phenomena.

Let me give you an example. You have just come across a leaflet informing you of a workshop. Now if this workshop is relevant to your growth, one of two things (sometimes even both) will happen. You may either keep finding pennies or white feathers. It never fails to amaze me how many pennies I find when I am looking at a new project that is right for me.

The penny and feather syndrome happens all over the world in the relevant currencies, and if you learn to recognise this symbol you are well on the way to finding life easier. If it happens to you please pick the coin up—you must let the universe know you accept this gift. Remember that old saying, “See a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck.” Well, it’s true!

"See a penny, pick it up and all the day you’ll have good luck.”

Look Out for the Signs

At times of great stress, signs are everywhere. The universe watches over us and gives us all the tools we need to progress through adversity. In times of trauma, take note of the people who are sent to you. Often it is someone who has had the very same problem except they are further down the road and can reassure you they have now got their life back—better than before.

We may come across books, TV programmes or hear radio shows by “accident.”

The universe is also marvellous at sending us someone, such as a new partner, to help us move on. I have never met anyone yet who, given time, isn’t glad they had walked away from a dead relationship into a new one.

However, sometimes during difficult times you will make up with your spouse and go on to have a new awareness of how important the relationship is to you. Everyone agrees that difficult times teach them a valuable lesson—or have made them take action and pushed them in the right direction. Sometimes, it’s hard to see the silver lining, but with time and reflection it will appear to you.

There’s a litmus test I do with my clients. Once they have overcome their crisis I ask them, “Would you have searched so hard or taken action if this crisis had never happened?” They always say, “no.”

I then ask, “How much have you learnt?” The answer again is usually along the lines of, “masses” or “loads.” Next I enquire, “How do you now feel?” And the response is, “Oh, I’m a different person.”

It’s the difficult times in our lives that show us how connected we are to the universal force. At such times, if we stay in flow and don’t get dragged down by the situation we resolve our problems quickly and almost seem to be rewarded.

This next case study illustrates the subtlety of the universe and how messages, universal clues, can nudge you back in the right direction of your Life purpose.

Joanne’s story

One client, an architect called Joanne, was bullied at work by her boss. no matter what she did, it was never good enough. She says, “The boss used to shout at me in the open-plan office. She used to call me at home—one night at 11 pm—to discuss work ideas and if I was off sick, she would ring me up to five times a day with questions about office issues. My workload was considerably greater than my colleagues’ and I was given no thanks for working late to complete it.

‘However, my work was often praised by the MD, I met tight deadlines and I was known to be efficient and organised. However, because of my immediate boss slowly but surely the sparkle I had for my chosen profession began to disappear. I dreaded going into work and I felt physically sick walking into the office building.

“Then something funny happened. I heard from a colleague that the company was looking for a handful of voluntary redundancies. I really wanted to go for it and go freelance but I was scared. On the train on the way home that night I was thinking about it and noticed that a newspaper was open and there was a big headline, ‘How to Be Your Own Boss.’ Minutes later I was still asking myself, ‘Do I have what it takes to be self-employed?’ Then I asked the universe, ‘If I am supposed to leave my work, please give me a sign.’ Within five seconds the train whizzed passed a yard full of signs, stop signs, road signs, warning triangles, you name it—there were dozens of them propped up in the yard. I took that as a sign to go for it!

“Within days I began to see the redundancy as my get-out-of-jail card, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. There was no way that I was going to ignore this open door from the universe, this nudge, so I applied and I was given a great redundancy package. I believe this was the universe’s way of giving me a helping hand and a great cushion while I set myself up freelance.

“I’m now very happy and earn triple my previous salary—and just when I needed it the universe provided me with a new direction, and a clear universal clue. I work on social housing, rather than big corporate contracts, and I feel that I am really putting something back in to local communities. I love my job and I feel like I’m following my Life path by creating healthy and beautiful environments for people to live in.”

While your situation may not be as extreme as Joanne’s, there are many ways that life can throw you off balance. When this happens you won’t feel happy and it will have the knock-on effect of draining your energy so you won’t be able to focus and achieve your Life purpose. By identifying your Life-purpose ratio you will be able to see the areas in which you need to put in some more time, thought and/or action (This will be our article for next month, stay tuned!)

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