Crystals And Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones carry their own unique vibrations. Our bodies are greatly influenced by them and their frequencies can change our own frequency, and so by having the right crystals or gemstones on your person, you can clear negative energies and attract good vibrations.

Each semi-precious stone has a gift for you. My spiritual teacher greta had a full selection in her healing space and her home. At the beginning of each day, she would focus on them and decide which she needed for that particular day. She would then meditate holding her stone to receive its message and energy, then carry it with her throughout that day. I began to do the same and found I became more in harmony with the day’s events.

Buying Crystals

When buying your own crystals and gemstones, it is important you take your time. The seller will understand your need to focus and not be rushed. Once a stone has attracted your attention, pick it up, hold it in your dominant hand, and notice how it feels. You may notice a tingling or vibration. The stone may become hotter or colder. You may suddenly feel quite different—happier or calmer. Thoughts may pop into your head. Accept whatever happens as the stone’s personal message to you.

Many people believe that you do not choose a crystal but in fact the crystal chooses you. You may find a crystal and if so, the crystal has found you. Or you might be browsing in a shop and one crystal will seem to be calling you—something will make it stand out. That is your crystal. It is as if one will be calling, “Over here, over here!”

Crystals also know when their work with you is done and will sim- ply disappear. Many people have told me things like, “It was on my desk for years then suddenly one day it was gone. I turned the place over looking for it” or, “A hole appeared in my new handbag just where I keep my crystal. And even though it was in my car, I never found it.”

The Key Crystals and Gemstones and Their Benefits

  • Agate: good for mental stability and awakens latent talents.
  • Amber: One of my favourites for clients suffering love pain. It soaks up the negative energy, rebalances, then gives strength, all in the blink of an eye.
  • Amethyst: good for calming, also promotes spirituality and on a business side gives flexibility in decision-making.
  • Bloodstone: perfect for detoxing—and to create balance if you overindulge in food and alcohol.
  • Citrine: good if you cannot stop crying. This is the stone to give to a friend who is devastated by problems caused by love, work, family—everything and anything.
  • Emerald: This is said to be the jewel of love and truth. I use this for clients who have had their heart broken and find it hard to trust again.
  • Fluorite: An all-round health booster, helps fight against common viral infections like colds, the flu, and cold sores.
  • Garnet: The one to pick if you want a confidence boost and to allow sexual confidence to flow. On a business level, promotes determination and direction.
  • Hematite: Helps you radiate a soft loving energy, health-wise good for fighting insomnia.
  • Moonstone: Clears patterns of attracting partners who cheat. Also known as the traveller’s stone because it protects against the perils of travel.
  • Obsidian: If you are feeling negative, this is the stone for you. It can evaporate thoughts of hatred towards those of love.
  • Rose quartz: This stone sends out a big message to the universe: ‘I am ready for love!’ This is also good for clearing the skin and reducing pain.
  • Ruby: A love booster, it aids fertility and enhances passion. Smoky quartz: promotes co-operation and practicality in money matters.
  • Tektite: Clears up bad energies. Wonderful if you have been involved with someone who turned out to be very badly behaved. Also clears feelings of anger.
  • Tiger’s eye: promotes independence, helping people who are too needy. Also eases congestion of the bowels, throat and eyes.
  • Tourmaline: gives confidence when you feel weak and need a little “backbone.”
  • Turquoise: Heals childhood trauma and stops you from repeating patterns.

Using Your Crystals and Gems

  • Wash your crystal or gem under running water and soak it for at least one hour in spring water with added sea salt. Allow it to dry naturally. You can leave it on a windowsill at night to charge it with either moon energy or in daylight for solar energy. However, do not leave a crystal ball in direct sunlight as it can project extreme heat, which can be dangerous.
  • Now hold your stone in both hands and allow yourself to relax. Clear your mind of all thoughts and feel your crystal or gem energy blend with your own energy. Feel it become part of you. Feel the stone’s energy flowing to you and your energy flowing towards the stone. Feel the energies blend.
  • Breathe into your hands and into the crystal or gem. Every out-breath will flow into the crystal or gem giving it your own energy and creating a powerful link. You begin life with your first breath and end life with your last breath. Your breath is the essence of you that exists in the here-and-now. By breathing this energy into your stone, you build the most powerful connection and gain incredible benefits. Spend time relaxing and breathing as you hold your stone. As you send your breath to your crystal or gem, you breathe life into it. You awaken its potent force and enable it to do its work.
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