Easy Ways to Grow & Protect Your Wealth

Once you have learnt to create and attract wealth, the next step is to make sure your wealth continues to grow by itself. Many of you will have been brought up to think you have to work hard for every penny—yet wealthy people know only too well that money attracts money.

Over the next few weeks, I want you become money conscious— do not spend any money unless you need to. Try to put some money into your savings account every week, even if it’s only a small amount. It’s a sign that your money is growing. Make sure you are focusing on your wish box too, putting in coins, a $10 or $20 bill, and images of how you want your life to be.

Keep an eye out for money; you will find it begins to appear and that unexpected money will come your way. When it arrives, put it into your wish box. This could be finding a penny in the street, down the back of the sofa, or in a pocket. You may also find that you win or are given money. Again, pop it straight into your wish box.

How To Grow Your Money Vibrations

For the next month, spend as little money as possible just to get the money vibration growing. It’s a bit like putting plant food on your roses to give them a boost. notice every penny you usually spend and instead of spending it, drop it into your wish box. Instead of buying an expensive skinny latte, take a travel mug and walk to work if possible. Don’t buy any magazines, CDs, DVDs, or sweets. really get the feeling of hanging on to your money and enjoy watching your money grow.

As you become money conscious, you will begin to value it more. A young lady who had just started a business told me, “I can’t wait to spend all the money I am going to make.” I told her that she needed to change her thinking if she was to survive in business—money isn’t something to get rid of the moment you get it. Two months later, she gave up and closed her company. As they say in Hollywood, “You buy things you don’t need, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like.”

You will never be rich if money burns a hole in your pocket. You need to enjoy watching it grow, and seeing money making more money for you. What is happening on a spiritual level is that the energy of your money is multiplying. And the more money you have, the more money energy will be attracted to you. Once you have surplus money, begin to buy the things you want. Most people do it the other way around—they buy things before they even have the money, which gets them locked back into poverty con-sciousness. They stop the flow of Cosmic Energy.

"You will never be rich if money burns a hole in your pocket"

Once your money begins to grow, put it into a higher-interest account and start to read up on investing. Remember key two in the previous article, “keep Learning?” While you are reading about money and how it works, you are increasing your connection to the energy of money. A good place to start is the money or financial pages of daily papers. Have a money block? Find a source which will explain things simply and in a way you will be able to grasp. Then, once your wealth confidence grows, you can read books and attend seminars on investing and the like.

The Cosmic Energy Rules for Protecting Wealth

Some people are good at making money, but not so good at hanging on to it. This can be a form of sabotage. Have you ever come into money, only to have your car break down a few days later, costing you a tidy sum? Or pull off a great deal or job—only for it to fizzle out? If so, this is section is for you. Even if up until now you have kept hold of your money, this will help you to strengthen that ability and create a stronger link to money energy.

Clearing Money Blocks

Inspirational author and self-help publisher Louise Hay once commented that people get more upset talking about money than they do about anything else. When people come to see me, money is a main topic—just as much as love, health, or work. Yet most people don’t come anywhere near the amount they want or need. And even if money does come their way, the first thing they do is spend it. Watch anyone who wins some money and they will give you a list of their purchases—mostly things they can live without. There’s a big difference between someone who has been out of work, has had a big setback, or has fallen on lean times buying a new washing machine to replace a tired old model and the person who snaps up a plasma television but has nothing in the bank.

Why do people behave in this way? Self-help expert paul Mckenna made a breakthrough discovery while working on his book I Can Make You Rich. He realised most of us are programmed by our past, so if we grew up in a poor background or had parents with poverty consciousness (and constantly said negative thing such as “Life is a struggle” or “We’re always going to be poor”), money would come in one door and go quickly out the other. If you come from such a background, you will have those thoughts ingrained in your energy field, creating a downward financial vibration that will result in a lack of abundance. This information was a huge breakthrough for me because although I can make good money—I use all the techniques and they definitely work—I never seemed to hang on to any of it. I told paul my problem and he showed me how to create an alternate past, meaning you rewrite your own financial history. I found this exercise lots of fun—and it works!

Rewrite Your Financial History

  • Simply close your eyes and imagine that you were born into a wealthy family, one with a positive attitude to money. Imagine how your life would have been if your parents had been rich.
  • Imagine that the day you were born you inherited a fortune. Focus on how that would have changed you, just knowing you were wealthy.
  • Imagine you grew up with a healthy attitude to money, knowing that if you needed anything it was there.
  • How would you have felt? What would your parents have said about money? What presents would you have received? How would life have been different?
  • Really focus on rewriting your past. Take key times like starting secondary or high school. How different would it have been if you had been wealthy,
  • would you have gone to a private school, had higher aspirations?
  • Imagine leaving school and going to university knowing you had plenty of money in the bank.

Every so often, focus on this exercise even for a few minutes and add in some more “memories.” It will strengthen the vibrations. This exercise cleared my poverty consciousness and enabled me to raise my wealth vibration.


Another way to protect your wealth is tithing, or giving away money. Tithing will make you luckier by raising your vibration and letting the universe know that you are ready to allow the flow of abundance to come your way—and it truly works. Try it out for yourself. Get into the habit of giving. Pop a few coins into a charity box when you are shopping, give good tips for good service, donate things you don’t want to your local charity shop. Actually get into the habit of being generous—put your hand in your pocket. Tithing is totally different to frittering money away on things you don’t need, wasting money. This is prompted by a desire for material objects from the ego, whereas tithing is prompted by a wish to help others enjoy the abundance vibration.

Many people think they will donate something someday in the future when they have more money. The universe works in a slightly different way—it wants payment up front. I know several mean people and money rarely comes their way. One old friend deliberately doesn’t take enough money when she meets people for lunch. They end up having to pay for her. She never tips and always buys the cheapest of everything. She constantly complains how everyone has more than her. I suggested she learnt to give a little. She replied, “no way. I want to make sure I have more than others.” What a shame—she never will have.

Giving creates a flow of wealth energy. When we experience lack, it is simply that our wealth vibration isn’t flowing. I have a client who is forever complaining how money never comes her way. In fact, she owns several houses and has a good job, but nothing seems to satisfy her. I told her about tithing, and two days later she phoned me to complain, “I gave a couple of pounds to a charity and I bought my mother-in-law a little gift, but I haven’t got anything back yet.” I told her to stop wanting—her constant wants were creating a blockage.

Many of the richest people in the world tithe. According to a BBC news report in June 2006, billionaire investor Warren Buffet donated $37 billion to the Bill gates Charitable Foundation. Bill gates was inspired to start the charity by Warren Buffet. Both these men see wealth with a broader vision than most people, which is why they are so wealthy.

The foundation was set up to fight disease and promote education around the world. Bill gates said, “There is no reason why we can’t cure the top twenty diseases.” Can you imagine having such an aim? I bet both these men sleep well at night knowing they are contributing so much to the world. I know you might be thinking, ‘Oh well, it’s okay for them,’ but every penny you donate has an energy, and that energy carries a stronger energy as it collects with other pennies. Just as one drop of water alone doesn’t make much difference, once it joins billions of others, it becomes an ocean.

Just as one drop of water alone doesn’t make much difference, once it joins billions of others, it becomes an ocean.

Tithing can set up an amazing chain of events. About ten years ago, a chap called Louis would hang around my local ATM asking people for money as they drew out cash. I would have a quick chat and give him £1. On this particular day the man in the queue behind me said, “You’ve just been had. He will spend that on drink.” I told him, “I have faith in Louis. He is a good man.” I thought no more of it until about a year later when Louis walked up to me and said, “You were really kind to me and somehow I began to feel better about myself. I have decided not to drink any more—somehow I feel this is a sign not to.” I never saw Louis after that day. He could be in another town somewhere by a cash machine, but I like to think he isn’t. Never think your little donation or kind doesn’t matter. Like Louis, we often learn about such things when we’re having a difficult time ... I often meet people who tell me they are unlucky, but luck is simply a form of energy that can go up or down.

‘You can’t help poor people by being one of them’ Abraham Lincoln

Tithing is not just about money. Sometimes it is a kind word or encour-agement. I used to pop into a nearby coffee shop in my local supermarket for a break from work. On one particular day a young man walked into the café immaculately dressed. I presumed he’d come for an interview. The manager walked out, looked the young man up and down with a sneer and without shaking his hand or saying hello he said abruptly, “I will work you very hard, I will pay you very little money and don’t expect any thanks.” The young man looked at his feet. The manager continued puffing out his chest boasting about how awful he was to work for and how little reward he gave. I left and as I drove off I saw the young man walk out of the store. I wound down my window and said, “Don’t take that job, you can do better.” He looked quite startled and said, “Excuse me?” I repeated what I said and added, “You are smart, on time and bright. You can do better than work for an awful man like that.” The young man’s face broke into the biggest grin I have ever seen and he said, “Thank you, thank you very much.” Giving someone some positive feedback or a compliment creates a positive vibration that will echo back to you over and over again.

Remember, the universe helps those who help themselves

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