Homeopathy In A Nutshell

Homeopathy is a way of treating people using the law of similars: the law states that like cures like. So if you have a skin condition that is red and itchy and feels much better when you wash it in cold water, and there is a plant out there that causes the same reaction to healthy skin, that would be a good example of a plant that could be made into a remedy that could cure your skin condition. What causes symptoms in a healthy person, can take away those symptoms in a sick person.

"What causes symptoms in a healthy person, can take away those symptoms in a sick person."

Everybody gets ill in their own way and that is what interests a homoeopath; not so much what disease you have, but how the disease expresses itself in you. How your psoriasis is different from everybody else’s psoriasis.

But it goes deeper than skin. It goes deeper than physical symptoms. Homeopathy targets your energetic body. The theory is that all health problems arise from a disturbance in your energetic body. When a homeopath finds a good remedy for you they might find it by looking up your physical symptoms, but the remedy would also need to match your mental-emotional state at the time.

A well chosen remedy would also help you shift the way you see things, which in turn would help the rest of your symptoms. To go back to the skin example, there are dozens of psoriasis remedies, but the homeopath will choose one that not only matches your skin condition but also the rest of your mental and emotional symptoms.

What often happens is someone will visit a homeopath, prompted by a particular symptom like the psoriasis, but find that other apparently unrelated symptoms clear up as well. This is why homeopathy is called a holistic method. Our energy body is always moving us towards self-healing, on all levels. When self-healing has stalled, a well chosen remedy can prompt the energy body to continue the self-healing. Unlike pharmacy drugs, homeopathic remedies are working in the same direction as your energetic body.

A homeopathic remedy is made by potentising a substance, in other words, repeatedly diluting and hitting hard until only energy is left and no physical substance of the original source remains. When you potentise a substance it removes any toxicity, and you can do a lot more with it because it can affect you on a much deeper than in its original form.

Since there is no chemical action and no biological mechanism skeptics dismiss homeopathy, saying any benefits can only be the placebo effect. The short reply to this is what does a baby or a cow believe that allows homeopathy to work so well with them?

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