MAYA By Maya Shiha

- What made you start your own RTW brand?

- I always had a passion for fashion but I never thought I would do anything about it. I finally decided to put my passion to the test and it’s serving me well right now. I hope that I can dedicate more time to it although honestly, I have my family and I’m always trying to prioritize them over all else.

- Describe your brand in three words.

- Simple. Hip. Up-to-date.

-What is your main source of inspiration?

- I get my inspiration from everyday life. I don’t think much of who did what, I always try to be unique. Although in the end I find that it’s a collective pool. Like all things in life thoughts travel; some think, some do and some excel.

- You mentioned the 70s when talking about your next collection. Do share.

-Yes, my next collection is inspired by the 70s; Flair legged jeans and ruffled tops and dresses. Personally it’s my favorite collection so far, it basically has everything that I love in it.

- What are the main obstacles that come your way?

- Fabrics. Fabrics. Fabrics. The market lacks good quality fabrics, it is also lacking in variety. I do the best I can with the imported material that I find, but then again there’s so much out there I’d like to access as a designer.

- Where do you sell your creations?

- I display my pieces at Flair Boutique and soon in two other stores, one in New Cairo and the other in Zamalek.

- Future plans?

- I intend to go international but I need to build a good base and name here first and gain more experience of course.

- Where do you hope to see MAYA?

- Right next to internationally recognized brands. I’d like to represent my country on the international stage.

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