Meditation is a key tool that connects you directly to the universal force—Cosmic Energy—by taking you into an altered state of aware- ness. There are many methods of meditation, but most involve relaxing, calming your mind, and focusing on your breathing.

One of the great things about meditation is that it allows you to put your everyday life to one side. It clears your mind and creates a connection between your earthly self and the universe. By relaxing deeply and clearing your mind, you will find meditation more powerful than simply visualising.

Meditation is central to Buddhism. Buddha gained enlightenment while in a deep meditation. There are early records of meditation all over the world. Some of the oldest records are from India, where it is a natural part of Hindu life. But meditation is also found in all major religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

Meditation gives us a clear pathway to connect with Cosmic Energy. It allows us to be unencumbered by the debris of our daily thoughts, events, and feelings.

The Expert’s View

Dr Ainslie Dixon Meares, an Australian psychiatrist, author and authority on stress, studied meditation techniques and the effects on the human body while on a visit to India and nepal in the late 1960s. On his return, he used meditation as a treatment for psychosomatic and psychoneurotic illnesses. He studied pain and how it was created in the body. In 1976 in the Medical Journal of Australia, he reported a case of cancer regressing after intense meditation. He went on to teach his cancer patients his own form of meditation to treat their pain and illness with remarkable success.

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