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The Solstice, the longest day of the year, or the shortest if you reside in the southern hemisphere. I’m not sure what the power significance of this day is, which is to say I’m not fluent in Wiccan, but I do know that in the world of high holy pagan rituals, this is a most sacred day. On Monday the sun was at its brightest point for us and at its darkest for others – think about that.

Human beings have always looked to the sky as one of their navigational systems through which to find the gods, or at the very least, to grasp the way in which the gods do business with those of us here on earth. Long ago humanity came to the conclusion that we existed in a relationship to the planets that was both cyclic in nature and archetypal. That is, each planet seemed to command an archetypal power unique to itself and that power, in turn, expressed itself through a specific cycle determined by the length of time it took for the planet to orbit the sun. Saturn has a 28-year cycle while Jupiter flies around the Sun in a mere 12-years

In addition to the length and more importantly, the significance, of each planet’s cycle around the sun, of equal significance are all the intense intersections that occur when one planet ends up opposite or square (90 degrees) from another – or “crosses over” the exact same orbital location point. While this may sound like astrological jargon, astrologers recognize these conjunctions and oppositions as having enough power to create vibrational storms in a person’s life. Or, if the aspect is harmonious, the electricity generated by the intersection of say, Venus and Jupiter, may just bring into a person’s life his or her life partner.

I adore the study of astrology and though I am not an astrologer, this is the science I would devote myself to learning, if I ever had extra time – ha. I took eight classes in astrology back in 1977 – 78, which is equal to learning musical notes and hoping to play the piano like Chopin.

Still, those classes were sufficient to introduce me to the vastness of astrology as an esoteric science, one practiced by great and wise ancient philosophers like Plato and Aristotle (not to mention the architects schooled in sacred architecture who built the pyramids and the medieval cathedrals of Europe, most notably Chartres).

The study of astrology played a key part in their world. However, they did not turn to astrology for the nonsense one finds in our trash newspapers; that is, for personal romance and whether to buy a business. Kings, however, did rely upon their court astrologers to determine the most advantageous time to declare war or to go into a battle. They had to assume, of course, that the enemy was doing the same thing.

Nonetheless, like today, arrogant leaders always believe that the gods are on their side. But the fact that astrologers were consulted before and during battles reveals the status that scholars of the cosmos held. Astrology was a science held in reverence.

Late last year, my dear friend and colleague, Lynn Bell, decided we would do a CMED workshop together combining our two fields of knowledge – astrology and archetypes. We had several reasons for wanting to teach this class as a team but among the more intriguing was the fact that by the time the class came around, which was earlier this month, the world would be entering a line-up of planets the likes of which it had not seen in more than a half century and in yet another combination, in hundreds of years.

But in the full combination, we actually have not had this particular line up in (oh, how I hope I have this correct) thousands of years – dare I say almost 24,000? Refer to Greg Braden’s work here, but I do believe that in his presentations, Greg (who is wonderful) is now pointing out in his talks that the planets are lining up in what could be called as straight a formation as it is possible to achieve, given planetary orbits and individual speeds. It takes thousands of years for the planets to align in a virtual straight formation. And that is what we are now experiencing.

"The planets are lining up in what could be called as straight a formation as it is possible to achieve."

But in addition to that formation, other aspects are occurring, like Saturn and Uranus coming together. Now, as I am not fluent in the nuances of astrology, I am going to shift to just a general interpretation and lift off into my area, notably the archetypal domain.

The Saturn/Uranus union in Libra is the aspect that came together in the early 1930’s. Do those years mean anything to you? How’s about Berlin, 1934 and a man named Hitler? You may recall that Germany was experiencing the virtual collapse of its financial system and a government unable to take charge of the rage of the people – a condition ripe for Fascism.

These planets in Libra create a certain energy that strikes at revolution and restriction. Now, take a deep breath and reflect upon what is happening. The contradiction in truth and lies, propaganda and visionary leadership repeats patterns that other societies have tragically experienced before now. The energy of this cycle along with yet another powerful aspect – the influence of Pluto squaring Saturn/Uranus – will begin with intensity. (it has actually already begun).

So now we move on to applying some of this cosmic activity to our individual lives. As you might imagine, such enormous activity in the heavens must certainly have a tremendous influence upon events as they unfold upon the earth. It’s very, very difficult to conceive of how planets and the invisible domain of archetypes and myths filter their vibrational influences into our lives, both our individual lives and the collective events that form the backbone of our societies. But they do!

Our imaginations are simply not that vast. They are not yet containers for mystical truths of that magnitude. We can’t fit galaxies into our heads when we imagine where it is that we live – we still think in terms of neighborhoods or streets or our homes. Yet, from an entirely different perspective, we do have a “galactic address” – the Milky Way Galaxy. We just have not had occasion to use it – but that day is coming.

My instructions to the class audience are those that I will introduce to you more briefly now, beginning with the fact that we cannot deny that we are living at this most profound time in history.

For fifty years now, we have been in a flow of transition. Another way of describing this transition is to speak of it as our shifting from the age of matter to the age of energy. We have now laid the groundwork for a global community via the Internet that is tied together via energy lines of communication. You can use your own imagination to count the number of spin-offs that are rapidly re-shaping our culture and those of all incoming babies. They will only know a world that is high-tech, functioning at “light speed”. The rest of us have to keep running to catch up with this emerging “light speed” world.

"Our shifting from the age of matter to the age of energy."

But the technological part is only the part that we can SEE, FEEL, HEAR, and TOUCH. Light speed technology is a physical representation of psychic and indeed mystical changes that are occurring on multiple levels of human existence, and beyond even that. This shift – from the speed of matter (dense and five-sensory) to perceiving and interacting with the world at “light speed” – will reshape humanity forever. And we are feeling and sensing these changes in every pore of our being.

Toward that end, I have five exercises for you that are based upon the new atmosphere that we find ourselves in. These questions are meant to generate the types of answers that you reflect upon rather than “answer”, as in a math quiz. And if you answer rapidly, you are avoiding answering these questions because you are avoiding the art of inner reflection.

  • Identify three significant changes that have come about in your life in this year that you have not personally initiated. What impact are these changes having upon your life? (It’s unfortunate that I have to add this, but given the way that people are inclined to think, I do: CHANGE CAN ALSO BE POSITIVE, so consider positive changes that happened that you did not initiate.)
  • Identify three creative impulses or gut instincts that you did not have last year. For example, a shift in an attitude toward someone or something that seemed to happen by itself. Elaborate on the impact this is having on your life.
  • What three changes do you feel have already been set in motion in your life that feel as if their effects have only just begun?
  • What guidance have you received that you fear, if followed, would reshape the direction of your life?
  • Are you aware that you are blocking any guidance or dreams?

We are living at a most rare time in human history – most rare. It is an extraordinary privilege to be alive at a time when our choices and actions matter more than ever before. If there was ever a time to believe in the wisdom of “Carpe Diem”, it is now.

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