Rebellious Rasha

- What is the concept of your brand? Why?

-Rebellious Rasha is the Exotic Shopping destination for fashion rebels, an online multi brand boutique focused on handmade products, luxury resort wear, boho chic, and holiday shopping styles mainly from new and emerging designers, each piece is a gem found after careful search for designs that tell a story, I have recently started my own label 'Rebellious Rasha' which is handmade from reworked vintage clothing mixed with other vintage or non vintage materials and fabrics to create one of a kind special piece that only one girl will own and will be like no other. The concept of Rebellious Rasha is very personal, i wanted to provide for women what i want for myself, the pieces that are hardly found online, or in those small boutiques that you find after hours of walking around when you travel somewhere, i wanted to give them what i proudly find, buy and wear, wear for years, timeless eccentric and distinctive pieces.

- How did the name and idea come about?

- The name was inspired by my Journey, 5 years ago i decided to get out of my comfort zone, quit an amazing job, take all my savings and move from Egypt to Barcelona, a city i fell in love with on a previous work trip and kept visiting and dreaming to live in it, until i actually did, i went there with no job, speaking only a few words in Spanish, and the challenge to make my stay legal and have a stable life. I really fought hard and it wasn't easy! it was almost impossible, so when i came up with idea of the online shop, i wanted to have a name that represented my soul, feeling like a Rebel, always chasing my dreams and following my own rules, Rebellious Rasha was born! Since i was a little girl my biggest inspiration and my fashion idol was my mom, i always watched her wear such fashion forward pieces and she always cared for quality over quantity, as we lived in different countries till i was 10, her exposure to several cultures affected her bold and exotic fashion choices, and there was born my eternal love and passion for fashion!  I was forever an online shopper, i would scout for hours and hours websites to find a unique piece that was usually too different that people wouldn't get it till years later, i still wear those pieces now and people think i just bought them when they are in fact 8 or 10 years old!  In my heart i always knew i need to be my own GIRLBOSS, it takes guts to quit a steady income job, but i did! and while running out of money and hardly finding any fashion related jobs, i said to myself if you don't take the plunge now, you will never do, my mind just function better under disastrous situations :) and i did! I didn't need to think a lot, it was like the idea of Rebellious Rasha was hidden in my deep conscious waiting for the perfect moment to come out, and as soon as i started everything made sense and one step lead to another.

- Tell us more about your customers? What are the pieces that sell the most?

- My customer is the woman with artsy taste, striving to be unique and special in all her life choices, the woman who wants to wear something not because it's trendy but because it tells her a story and makes her feel something, most of the brands i carry are like me, they have an interesting story on how they started and their journey is inspiring. My Bestsellers are the handmade pieces, my label's 1st production was almost sold out in 1 week because a woman buying a piece knowing that she's the only one that will have it, was the happiest woman. Women with character are our clients, women who dream, and think, and want more of life, women who follow an unordinary path.

- Where do you distribute? What are your main markets?

- Rebellious Rasha is based in Spain but as an online shop we sell worldwide, our biggest markets are Egypt, UAE, UK, Spain and the US, I have to admit that we are expanding at a surprising rate in Europe which proves a global need for the style we provide. We are expecting to grow in more countries especially after the official launch of Rebellious Rasha Label in FW 17/18.

- What are the main challenges that your business faces?

- Being a start up without a big investment puts a lot of pressure and limitation especially on how much we can spend on marketing and advertising, any wrong choice or fall or slow down can break the business! Everyday is a fight to learn more meanwhile pushing the business further, also competition, Imitation, a lot of people don't want to make an effort and just wants to steal a concept that is successful, new or different.

- What are your plans and hopes for the future?

- OMG so much! :) 1st thing: officially launching 'Rebellious Rasha' label for the next season FW'17/18, I think it's the way forward to make this business really grow, i would love for our website to grow more, have more and more brands, would love to add some Egyptian brands, add some street style unique pieces too, have international pop up shops under Rebellious Rasha's name, but not just a pop up, more of a concept event where the girls can engage and have fun! I want to make a social/shopping experience. Women need to empower each

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