Every human being has an energy field which is not only interwoven with their material physical body but which also extends beyond it. Every one of us has an electromagnetic energy field extending several feet, sometimes much more beyond us. This energy field is made up of our physical radiance and vitality, and is also made up of the radiance of our emotions and thoughts. This energy field, sometimes called the aura, is also created by the radiance of our general consciousness.

Some readers may not be familiar with the idea of the aura because it is not taught in Western Biology or medicine. It is however basic concept in oriental and Ayurvedic medicine, and is certainly not a strange idea in the light of modern science which understand that everything is made of energy. It is an important part of everybody's bio-energetic make up and it’s important that we know about it if we are to understand how psychic protection and creating positive energies actually work.

The aura is an electromagnetic energy field, which passes all the way through the human body and radiates beyond it. Although we cannot see it, we can experience what it is feeling. It is precisely the sensitivity of the aura and how it merges with our nervous system which allows us to feel atmospheres and vibrations. When something vibrates in the aura, we sense it.

Although we cannot see it, we can experience what it is feeling

Our aura is continually meeting other energy fields and when it meets another field, a wobble or wave is sent through it, like when a pebble falls into water. This vibration then anchors down through the skin into the physical nervous system. The brain notices the sensation in the nervous system and then interprets the experience. This is incredibly obvious when, for example, you meet something like an angry dog which frightens you. Your energy field meets the energy of the angry dog and there is that wobble or friction where they meet. This wobble travels through your energy field and lands in the nervous system down the spine and your spinal hair literally stands on end. Your brain then interprets this experience: fear.

Our aura is continually meeting other energy fields

The same thing happens when we meet a benevolent person or place. Your energy field encounters their benevolent energy field. The harmonic where they meet is communicated down into the physical nervous system and it feels good. This is also exactly what happens when we go into the country side or a building. Harmonious landscape, for example near moving water or underground springs, is felt by our energy body. Beautiful landscape is not just perceived by our eyes but is felt by the whole body. This is why so many people from cities want to spend time in the country, feeling and absorbing the nurturing atmosphere of landscape. As we enter new building, we also often immediately feel the quality of the place. Our aura meets the general vibration of the building. Anyone looking around for a new home knows the experience of a place simply feeling bad even if it looks great. And sometimes we find houses and apartments which look terrible but have a great atmosphere. The house in which I am writing this article looked terrible when we moved in, but it had a wonderful warm family atmosphere.

There are nevertheless genuine difficulties in being accurate about what we are sensing. We carry our own vibrations around with us and there may be many situations in which we feel something and think it is external, coming from, say, a building, when in fact the vibrations are coming from within us. We may also, for various reasons to do with history and temperament, react to something intensely and think it is negative, when in fact it is harmless. A frequent example is if you meet someone who has a threatening image, like a sullen male teenager. He may, in fact, be the sweetest kid just dressing like his peers, but his image is enough to trigger your own fear. You feel ‘hostile vibrations’ but they are in fact all yours.

You can never guarantee that your inner impressions are accurate. You, therefore, need to be more open and receptive to impressions, without your concrete mind blocking the process, but at the same time you need to maintain a healthy scepticism. This requires an attitude of inner amusement not taking it all too seriously, an openness to being wrong and at the same time a reborn childlessness that is open and receptive to new sensations and images. Generally speaking, if an inner impression is accurate then it will sit comfortably and wisely in you. If the inner impression causes you excitement, then you will have to wait until you have calmed down to feel whether or not it still rings true.

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