This is the ability to send a thought, or information, from one person to another using only the power of the mind. Telepathy can occur with someone in the same room or with another person thousands of miles away.

I like to think of telepathy as thought vibrations, like telephone cables linking into the hub of the universe and then going out again to the person you want to contact. I know that if I send feelings to someone, they are more than likely to get through—the person will sense my energy towards him or her—and I find that my friends can pick up information about me, too.

Last year, my friend Leslie called and asked me if I was okay. She’d been sitting watching television when she clearly heard me call her name. We live some sixty miles apart and have been close friends since childhood. At that time, my mother was very ill and had just been rushed into hospital. I can focus on another old friend of mine, Bobby, and make him telephone me. At times this exasperates him, because he cannot get me out of his head until he calls; he’s even rung me with the opening line, “What do you want—I am busy!”

Almost everyone has had an incident of thinking about someone only for them to phone soon afterwards. Or you may have thought of a song from long ago only for it to come on the radio or someone starts to hum the same tune. Telepathy happens so often that we almost take it for granted, yet are delighted when it occurs. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could use telepathy at will instead of it being a random incident that occurs once in a blue moon?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could use telepathy at will instead

For some of you, it may happen daily, weekly, or monthly—but I bet it’s still not under your control. In the coming articles, I will teach you some tried- and-tested techniques that will enable you to send someone a tele- pathic message. I will also show you how to use telepathy to attract someone’s attention when you need to and even send thoughts, sensations, images, and ideas to a person of your choice. Imagine how useful it will be to influence someone who is being stubborn over an idea. With telepathy, you can get your point across first before anyone has had a chance to disagree. Whether it’s regarding love, work, or any other situation, popping an opinion into someone’s head can make a huge difference to a dilemma.

How useful it will be to influence someone who is being stubborn over an idea

Telepathy, or mind transference is a wonderful skill to develop, and as I’ve explained, it’s a natural part of our primal self; we seem to accept radio waves floating across space, and the way in which telepathy works is not so different. Thought waves can travel any distance at any time.

Sigmund Freud was a sceptic regarding psychic matters, but even he believed telepathy to be “a regressive, primitive faculty that was lost in the course of evolution, but which still has the ability to manifest itself under certain conditions.” Many sceptics allow the possibility of telepathy because they have experienced it first hand. Most stories about telepathy relate to extreme events when senses are heightened, such as times of great distress, like war—telepathy is our primal self coming to the surface to look after us. Many stories collected involve knowing when someone close is in trouble or in pain, and have been contacted or saved by a loved one picking up the telepathic message.

There is a huge amount of evidence for telepathy, and if I wrote down all the studies I have come across, it would fill a book of its own. Notably, in the 1960s the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, carried out numerous studies into the subject. Later, the data was analysed at the University of California, which discovered that the telepathic information related in the case studies had an accuracy rate of 84 percent. More recently, twins researcher guy playfair came to the conclusion that 30 percent of twins experience telepathy. In a 1997 television programme took four pairs of identical twins and wired up one of each pair to monitor their brain waves, blood pressure and galvanic skin response. He put the other twins in a soundproofed room some distance away. The four twins who were not wired up were suddenly shocked by a loud alarm on the back of their chairs, yet their twins who were being monitored reacted as if they had been shocked—although they had not actually heard the noise. When questioned, the wired-up twins had no idea what had happened, but something inside them registered the unexpected noise.

In later articles, I will show you some simple but very effective methods of using telepathy and give you the real key to making sure the message gets through loud and clear.

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