Temple Tramp

- What is Temple Tramp?

- Temple Tramp is a clothing brand that harnesses the power of words, celebrating an internal dance between the sacred and the profane.

- Where did the name come from?

- We are the temple and we are the tramp, there is no hierarchy, and there shouldn't be, our constant interplay between the sacred and profane is what shapes us.

- What is your mission is a brand?

- To produce garments with impeccable quality, and to change the world one t-shirt/garment at a time.

- What does Temple Tramp believe ?

- Temple Tramp questions our existing values, through it we are forced to reassess established norms. Differences are distinct, there are no grey areas, but neither is there any judgement. The relationships between things is not static, but fluid. Subjectivity is the only fixed reference point. The sacred and the profane are not opposite, but interchangeable and constantly changing.

- Who do you talk to?

- Temple Tramp is not for everyone. We are for those that have made the conscious decision to wear Temple Tramp. We are for those that have a point of view that goes beyond fashion, into the worlds of spirituality, sexuality, human nature, art, design, and politics.

- What do you offer?

-Temple Tramp creates garments with tailoring that pushes the edges of conven-tional fashion. Quality is impeccable and implicit. We create garments with bold ex-pressions and stories that remain ambiguous and open to interpretation.

- How do you relate?

- Temple Tramp speaks with actions, not words. Our attitude is irreverent, ambivalent but engaged. Our beliefs are strong but ambiguous. We never tell people what to think or how to act, but we do give people the tools with which to form and question their own opinions.

- Where do you currently stock?

- We sell through our online platforms and HYPE boutiques.

- Dreams for Temple Tramp?

- To open our own store, and have one in all the cities major and minor around the world.

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