The Nine Keys To Wealth

You would be amazed at how often people email or write to me and demand that I tell them how they can become millionaires! For some reason, they think I can tell them how to make vast amounts of mon- ey drop out of the sky.

I do believe we can manifest anything we want, but I also believe we are here to work. I truly believe that we are all here for a reason and yes, we are here to learn and grow, but it stands to reason we are here to donate something; to work or do something useful. Yet when I tell this to people they act as if the word “work” is akin to a swear word.

I constantly meet people who want to contribute nothing to the world but want to be superstars by Wednesday next week. Everyone I know who has done well in life has worked hard. They have contributed and they have put energy into what they do. Just recently a girl called me who had taken one weekend course in healing. She told me she wanted to write a book, become a high-level teacher and become very famous. I asked her, “Don’t you think you should at least go and heal a few people first?” She hung up on me.

I believe your life can be abundant. I believe you can have anything you want, but unless you actually get up and contribute something to the world we live in, it is unlikely to happen—or if it does, you will not sustain it. There is a lot of information on manifesting out there, and some people love doing it and find it a great tool. But very few of the people who rave about manifesting are actually wealthy. What tends to happen is they pull off the odd little win: “I received the exact amount I needed to pay my electricity bill,” or, “I got a pay rise.” They rarely sustain it.

I believe that if we are working and doing something useful to make the world a better place, we are aligned with our collective higher purpose, and it’s a whole lot easier for the universe to deliver. As the old saying goes, “Money goes to money.” Once you raise your wealth vibration, money will flow your way.

As well as using manifestation, I have spent many years discovering what wealthy people do, and I have realised that there are nine keys to wealth. Many people have one or two of these keys; those with the Midas touch have most or all of them.

Notice how each key will change your vibration and raise it. Each and every time you connect with a person, learn something, or put passion into your work, your connection to Cosmic Energy will become stronger and your ability to manifest and work with the Law of Attraction will increase.

Key One: Passion

Put passion into whatever you do. no matter what it is, no matter whether you love or hate it, do a good job. It will raise your energy and when you raise your energy, better things come your way.

Key Two: Keep Learning

Ask, “How can I better myself? What do I need to learn?” Mediocre people think they know it all and need no help from anyone or anything, especially the universe. People at the top know they need to keep learning and they need luck to succeed. I have never met anyone at the top of their game, no matter what it is, who isn’t constantly learning and growing. They look out for new developments in their industry. They listen to other people, even novices. They are never arrogant enough to ignore someone up-and-coming or just starting out. Ask yourself—what do I need to be learning? Are there any courses I can take? Books I can read? Skills I need to attain so I am able to do my dream work? Whatever lesson or knowledge you need to find out, keep working towards it. Know your subject; know everything there is to know about your field. Then make your own discoveries and put your mark on what you do.

Key Three: Act as If You Are Already a Success

This is vital; act as if you are already where you want to be. Actually learn to feel what it feels like to be top of your game. As you go about your daily business, act as if you are already where you want to be. If you are driving or sitting in traffic, pretend you are in your dream car, when you enter a beautiful building, perhaps a top hotel, imagine it is yours and all the people there work for you. Imagine your clothes and shoes cost a fortune. polish those shoes every day and imagine they were handmade especially for you by the best shoemaker in the world. As you begin to focus on already being a huge success, your energy will begin to align to a successful vibration. Opportunities will begin to land at your feet—for example, you could be chatting to someone who puts you in contact with someone else who offers you the perfect business opportunity. Or you may meet an old contact by chance and they make you an offer you can’t refuse.

Key Four: Never Miss a Chance

I regularly come across people who tell me how successful they want to be, but when opportunities come along they let them pass. Recently, a young lady came to see me who told me she is desperate to become a famous singer. She takes part in a weekly class and practises at home when she has time. I told her that there was an audition in London that few people knew about, so by going she would have the edge. Before she left me I asked her, “Do you really think you can make it as a singer?” She looked at me, horrified, but didn’t say anything. I told her, “I have just told you about a major opportunity, an audition for a major West End production that few people know about, but you were about to leave without asking me any of the details. Also when I asked you how often you checked the daily listing of opportunities you told me you rarely had time, yet you also told me you get a full hour’s lunch break and you often window-shop.” I didn’t want to be hard on her but unless I pointed this out, she would have continued to waste her time. Whatever your dream—pop star, model, sports star, healer, nurse, doctor, clairvoyant, business owner—you need to be constantly putting energy into what you do. You should be reading about your industry, reading the trade press, making contacts, going to events, networking, and taking up any small opportunity, because you don’t know where it will lead you.

Key Five: Be Scared of Failure

Fear has energy. Just think what your life will be like if you never attain your dream. How do you feel about that? In workshops I often ask the question, “Supposing nothing in your life has changed in five or ten years’ time. How does that make you feel?” Invariably the participants look horrified. A few weeks ago I met one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. He started out in business with a few pounds in his pocket and is now a household name and owns many companies. I asked him, “Why have you done so much better than most people?” He replied, “I have worked harder and put in more effort and energy. That is the honest truth. I am not the cleverest person in the world but I put energy and passion into everything that I do. I become almost obsessed with whatever project or deal I’m working on.” He added that he had a healthy fear of being complacent and when he was starting out had no option but to work hard. “If I didn’t work, I didn’t eat,” he told me. Many people today are simply not hungry enough for success. I know billionaires who are hungry and people living on the breadline who are not. My entrepreneur friend told me, “For some reason I am always a little bit afraid that I won’t succeed. I see that as a healthy sign."

Key Six: Watch the Company You Keep

Most people’s income will be within $16,000 of the five people they mix with the most. So by mixing with wealthier people, you increase your own wealth vibration. It rubs off on you. If all your friends are struggling and scratching around for work then this will bring your energy into alignment with theirs. If you mix with people who are doing well, your energy will start to vibrate to a more successful frequency. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Hanging out with the unsuccessful will not help you attain your goal. Write down a list of the eight people you mix with the most. now ask:

  • What is their income?
  • How well are they doing?
  • What is their attitude to wealth and success?
  • Are they positive in their approach to life, or negative?
  • When you talk about your aspirations, are they encouraging?
  • Are they doers or all talk?
  • Do they tend to get what they want?
  • Do they sabotage their attempts to get on in life?

Key Seven: Never Make Excuses

Everyone thinks it’s harder for them, they’re too old, too young, or don’t have enough money, time, or energy. The difference is that successful people find a way. Many of the richest people I know were told at school they would not amount to anything. Five of my richest friends are dyslexics; in a way, dyslexic people have an edge because they find another way to do well in life. They seem to push themselves more. As Thomas A. Edison said, “There’s a way to do it better—find it.” Shakespeare wrote in Measure for Measure (Act 1, Scene IV), “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” The Bard knew about the power of fear—and he was writing in the 16th century. By believing in yourself and putting energy into your goal, you send out a very clear message to the universe—”Take me seriously.” Every effort you make builds momentum until you are a success.

Key Eight: Don’t Allow Yourself to Be Badly Treated

If you’re in a situation where a boss, customer, or contact treats you badly, remove yourself from the situation. If you do not, they will take advantage; their poor treatment of you will get worse. Your energy will plummet, keep plummeting, and you will wonder why your career is not taking off. Don’t think for a second that by sticking around or appealing to their better nature they will change. If you have a bullying boss or clients who treat you badly, move on—get new ones. I have no problem getting up and walking out of anywhere I do not feel good. I have done this in a dentist’s surgery and at dinner parties. Anyone who works with the public knows the majority of people are lovely but they will also have some stories to tell you about the clients from hell, rude and demanding people who expect you to drop everything at a moment’s notice. You don’t argue with them, you simply don’t see them; you tell them you are fully booked for the next ten years. As soon as your refuse to take their appointment, your energy will begin to rise. You will feel stronger and a message will go out to the universe that you want good clients. If you are in a relationship of any kind with a lover, friend, family, colleague, or client and they are messing you around or treating you badly, you are allowing your energy to be drained. You must walk away. Walk away when they are in mid-sentence; don’t say a word, just get up and go. Within you is an amazing spark of liberation. When you take control of a situation in which you are being abused, your personal power will rise. You may have the urge to laugh—this laughter comes from a feeling of freedom and strength. People tend to put up with these situations out of fear: fear of being out of work, of getting a bad reference, or not having enough clients to pay the bills. Fear is a huge block to wealth and if you are treated badly, your wealth energy will go on a downward spiral. negative influences in your life create a chaotic energy field, leaving you tired and despondent—which blocks good and positive people coming into your life.

Key Nine: Build Momentum

Over the years I have met many people who have started businesses that have failed. Often, I see them sabotage their fledgling company by either not putting the energy and time into it to bring in business, or by doing silly things to create problems. Later they will say, “Oh well, I did my best. I tried.” But did they? Can they honestly say they did their very best to make the business work? Imagine if they lived in the middle of a forest. If they didn’t put in the effort they wouldn’t eat and their children would die from cold and starvation. Imagine how hard they would work. That is the level of effort and energy that is needed to make a business succeed. Others will put in a massive amount of effort but will waste energy. They will confuse activity with achievement, by running around in circles. This too is a form of sabotage. We’re busy doing nothing, working the whole day through, trying to find lots of things not to do.

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