Your Fabulous Aura

You have an incredible energy field surrounding your body known as the aura. This energy field is very powerful and contains a lot of important information. Over the years I’ve met a lot of sceptics who doubt the aura exists but there is a huge amount of scientific evidence to show that not only it is real but it can also be photographed with a special type of photography called Kirlian photography.

Also some mystics and intuitives can see your aura and can tell you how big it is, the colours, shape and what it means. For instance an aura that is mainly red will show that you are a high energy person, a mainly yellow aura will means that you are a happy person who is naturally good with people. You can also use your aura to protect you or create a life force to strengthen you and your own instincts.

Sometimes you can sense your aura like when you can ‘feel’ someone is standing too close or staring at you. Other times you have seen a glow of colours around a light on a rainy evening. You can learn to see or sense the aura and once you do you will be fascinated by how unique each and every one is. Most people try to see auras by sitting in a dimly lit room squinting their eyes; very few people have success with this. The best way is by using your own mind’s eye.

Sit quietly for a few moments and focus on your breathing. Be aware of the outer edges of your body and be aware of the energy surrounding your body. Don’t worry if this is very faint, the energy is very subtle even though it is very powerful. Close your eyes and imagine your aura, imagine the colours and shape. Allow the information to flow to you. See it in your mind’s eye. Of course your logical mind will think you are making it up but I’ve done experiments in workshops where I have had a group of people all focus on one person and ‘see’ the subjects aura in their mind’s eye. Four out of five got the same answer. Later the person had Kirlian photography and it was the very colour they had seen.

Another way to sense the aura is to have a friend sit quietly on a chair, then with your hands ‘pat’ around them sensing where their auras ends and if there are any gaps or spaces. Gaps are caused by past trauma and can be filled by sending good healing energy.

There is a great deal of information contained within your aura. It can reflect your moods, your health, even your past and future. The key is to discover the colours of your aura then analyse your results.

The colours of the aura are the same as your chakras:

  • Red: high energy, confident, strong.
  • Orange: creative and sociable.
  • Yellow: clever, logical and creative.
  • Green: hardworking reliable, ambitious but good life/work balance.
  • Blue: caring, loyal, sensitive.
  • Violet: unconventional, spiritual.
  • White: highly evolved, connected to the universal energy.
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