Are You Creating Your Own Blocks?

Blocks can be given to you by your parents, siblings, family, teachers and even friends. They are called blocks because they block your flow through life

The first block was fear: don’t touch, it will hurt you, don’t run, don’t climb the tree. That’s not safe, and there is danger everywhere. It’s right that you are given some warnings for safety but many of the commands given to you from your parents are passing on their own fears such as, ‘Don’t stroke that strange dog, it’s dirty’, when the dog is perfectly clean!

Then bit by bit, you were taught separation: keep away from the people up the road, keep away from the poor/rich people, those from another place, the smelly people, the ones who are different from us. Don’t play with those kids because they are rough or have odd ways. They will hurt you.

Next came the criticism. You are too fat/thin, too young /too old, you are the wrong colour/shape. You cannot do that. That is not for the likes of you. You are not good at this, you are not clever enough for that.

Then you were taught pain. If you love you will be hurt; people will leave you and break your heart. You will feel rejected. Don’t try, then you won’t get hurt.

Bit by bit the blocks grew and stopped you being all you could be, from achieving your potential, your Life purpose. The blocks created separation and we separated from others, from ourselves and from the universal flow.

Life became harder and harder. When this happens, the universal energy, the Cosmic Energy becomes fragmented and you can no longer flow through life.

As we grow up we are taught many negative blocks that we integrate into our reality, our everyday lives. When I was growing up my aunts used to say to me, “Have fun before you get married because you won’t have any afterwards.”

Another of their favourite sayings was: “Those that have money keep it among themselves” and, “If you don’t trust anyone you can’t go far wrong.”

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