Sandra Abdalla

Sandra Abdalla is the co-founder, co-owner and executive editor of WOMEN, a woman's resource for profiles and specialised articles on subjects of interest to women's lives. Sandra also co-owns and co-founded TAMS Holdings, the mother company of Workshopers, specialised in bringing expertise from different fields in the form of accessible workshops, Temple Tramp, a fashion brand with impeccable quality, bold and ambiguous expressions and stories, and last but not least WORKOUT. , builds poise and control with a consciousness of the whole body, harnessing strength and beauty from within. She studied Anthropology at the American University in Cairo. Her master's thesis explored the different lifestyles and ideas single women entertained and practiced in their lives in Cairo. She is the author of Cairene Women: A Bachelorette not a Spinster. Sandra has been a fitness trainer for the past 11 years.

Articles by Sandra Abdalla


INTERVIEW: Mirette Osama With Sandra Abdalla

We sat down with our good friend Mirette Osama, co-founder of 'The Lemon Tree & Co', which she created with her husband Ahmed Hanafi. 'The Lemon Tree & Co' is known to be popular, hip, and among the culinary favorites in town. We know why.


INTERVIEW: Aliaa El Esseily with Sandra Abdalla

We sat down with the colourful Aliaa El Esseily one of Egypt's most popular and admirable stylists. She is also the designer behind LOUSHE by Aliaa El Esseily. Aliaa is a woman whose sense of style is absolutely contagious...


INTERVIEW: Nihal Selim with Sandra Abdalla

We sat with the philanthropist and artist Nihal Selim to gain a little bit of insight on how to be a real life Wonder Woman, albeit without a cape. Nihal's typical day consists of tending for, and rescuing stray animals, caring for the community, being a devoted daughter, mother and grandmother.