Guisi Pezzota

Giusi’s practice combines a background in massage with a deep passion for contemporary and classical Chinese medicine. After qualifying as a massage therapist, she found herself wanting to treat people with many different ailments, through a more comprehensive, holistic model of health. In 2009 she gained a BSc in acupuncture; she has since completed a Masters in Chinese herbal medicine and has worked closely with two of the most renowned practitioners in the UK. A lifelong student, Giusi’s practice of Chinese Medicine deepened in 2013 when she spent six months at the hospital of Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine observing modern practitioners of the discipline. For three months she also volunteered as the local acupuncturist at the Thrangu Tibetan Buddhist monastery outside Kathmandu, treating a wide range of ailments for locals of all ages. She is currently studying Chinese.

Articles by Guisi Pezzota


Hands Up If You Don't Know How Acupuncture Works

So you’ve decided that it's time to allow someone to put needles into your body for those annoying headaches. You are fed up with the pain and ready to do anything you can to get rid of them...