An Open Letter

During my junior year at the American University in Cairo I was assigned to read “All Our Kin” by Dr. Carol B. Stack. I was fascinated by it, and her. I read the book twice in one semester (which is huge, given the amount of readings that were assigned to us every week, not to mention the lack of proper time management). My bewilderment ended up attracting Carol B. Stack herself to Cairo. One day on my way home from university I saw the announcement on a billboard. Carol B. Stack was coming to teach a summer class. Without a doubt I hurriedly and ecstatically registered for the class. Class started and I became more fascinated by who she was, as a person, woman, anthropologist and teacher, all at once. The both of us ‘clicked’ and sometimes we hung out after class. I don’t know how to describe the way I felt at that time and when I remember being her student and her friend, It is like a front row seat in a concert for a rockstar legend where you not only get to attend the show but also get to hang out with the star afterwards.

In one of our conversations I remember telling her: “ I keep on reading all these fascinating books (in anthropology), articles and findings, and I’m just so fascinated by them. I don’t think I can ever be like that”, she said “ just let your fascination carry you”. She said it with so much heart that it struck me like lighting and I felt changed right there and then. I took her advice literally.

“WOMEN” is the most recent and fulfilling manifestation of this very sound advice. Each and every author featured in “WOMEN” fascinates me in many ways and the fact that I got to know them, let alone work with them is even more exciting. It makes my heart dance every night.

I’m humbled and grateful to all of our beautiful and renowned contributors for reasons that go beyond “WOMEN”. Dr. Carol’s advice allowed my sense of awe to carry me for many years and to many places, and I’m glad it landed me here, for now!

Light & Love, Sandra Abdalla

One of my big challenges is that I cannot focus and give a task my full attention unless I am excited about it. When I am honest with myself I would call it "lack of discipline" and consider it one of my weak points!

THEN, I started working on WOMEN and I realized that this is how it should be done!!

Excitement Is Key!!

It's so exciting to work on something that aims to change women's lives and enrich their everyday experiences. It's also very exciting to see how keen all our amazing contributors were to be part of WOMEN and happy to share their priceless knowledge with us; the women in the middle east!! I am forever humbled and honored to work with everyone on our team and grateful and excited to be part of WOMEN.

May Tawakol